morning people!!! :)

hehehehe..lagi ngepost gitu di ruang IT, and miss tima was absent today! YESS MAMPUS TUH ORANG!!!ngak tahu kenapa?!WELL ATLEAST im happy thats the point.trus digantiin gitu ama si Budi,and gue disuruh bikin DATABASE..ADUHH ngingetin amaMS aja...hehehehe...

so anyway...I FINISH THE HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, ADUHH ITU KEREN ABISS!!!tapi yahh gitu kaaknya this is the greatest from all of them, tapi i just like all of them!!!.all the things seems so real in hera and makes me wanna read and read again!!!woow!!LIKELIKEYY!!!

im thinking now, tapi gak tau ahh...got nothing to say ahh..
bye peeps!
and please kindly tag..

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