hi again!!!!!!i mean hi in the happy mood!hahahhaa ya gitu dehh..i dont know, all the problems seems to beg gone, and i wish its gone for good, cause im sick of all of this, and i just want it to be donwe. cause u know what, if kalo belom slese, then all my school thing will be broken to pieces....well how its going to be broken, heres how the sotry goes...jengg jenggg...

yesterday wa thursday, u tell me...so i have drama exam, which in the interview form gitu dehhh...jadi gitu, so i almost failed, cause im not liten to the question properly and also not giving the answer that is expected..see how annoying it is...so move on to another failure stories, now came form PE....she was failing me because accusing me and other 6 friends, that late and gitu dehh..straight ZERO FOR THE LESSON!SHIT AND FUCK FOR HER! i really hate that, accusing for something that i didnt do.curse for HER for 1000000000000000000000 years..yeah i wish!

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