done facebooking and friendstering.aduhh bosenn, and the good thing is, its ONE DAY TO HE NEW YAR PEOPLE.well, kalo diitung, kurang, 10 jam lagi gitu.well, gue sich ngak kemana-mana. i promised with cheisy yesterday, that we will having the countdown in the MSN, ya gitu lahh.and btw, sori yeee kemaren gue langsung off, gara2 internet busuk gue.aduhhh jangan karma deh gue ngomong kayak gitu.

well, about an or ago, just arrived from lunch with mom and dad, of course asha.(DAMN IT).having rissoto, and it just good (but nothing beat the Ku De Ta rissoto, DANG ITS FREAKIN GOOD!) :). mungkin nanti eating out deh buat dinner, tapi ngak tau lah, tergantung mom, kalo dia lagi on the mood keluar, soalnya tadi she wan to go to Senci, tapi ngak jadi gitu, ngak tau kenapa.

mom already asking me about the activity that I will do in the rest of the week, well i told here that on wednesday, i'll go to BLITZ in pacific place for movies, i mean DOUBLE MOVIES, so i gonna watch 2 movies at once in one day.dude, i missed like 5 movies already, and its a bad thing you know, BALI makes me like this.huhuahhahuhuhhhh.so yeah, then, saturday, start to buy some stuff for shcool, and sunday, grandpa 81 (i think) birthday party.well, is quite a busy week actually.just have to do it?rite?yehhhh!!!

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