TIRED...and bump..ampun dehh gue..gila abis....capenyaaa POLL!!!!well gys, hello again btw,ya gitu lah...the intern things are just begin to be real and tired you know....and its real.and this how the story of the apprentice (yaa gitu lahh..hehehhe..sori kalo agak di exagurate..)

its all begun at 07:00WITA in the room 3808 at the Westin hotel, and our boss...ya gitu lahh...ask us to made 2000 envelopes that need to be distributed aound 3 hotels around the Nusa Dua, not later than 18:00.see how frustrating is that.so yahh...the four of us..is okay with it, and we're just thnk its just a work that can be finished about 2-3 hours....but you know, we actually finished about 6 hours.witut stop, i mean stop only in lunch, tapi itu cuma 1/2 jam..OHH MII CRANKY!.so anyway..ya gitu...but thanks god....we met the 2 new guys/intern, which are DAVE AND DICK!well, i personaly thank u guys o came and helping us.

(quick review on dave and dick, they are adek kakak, and dave is the older brother of dick/edward thats how i called hm, it just much better u know.athletic body,nice personality,buff!,HUNK!,like to play basketball,UNIVERSITY STUDENT IN UNSW!!!!!!!OHHHHHHHHHHMIIIIIIIIIGODDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and both OF THEM LIVED IN SYDNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

ehmm..anyway...ts just been a crazy day for us.and then after we finished that, its time to distributed the paper right, and it just went good, well JADIE!we work so hard to it...and thanks god many people actually came to the event today,so we done pretty done job.

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