well hello again guys, its me again reporting live from Bali..hehehehehe..kan sok live report gitu deh.anyway...how my life in here??hmmm....not so bad but not good aslo, jadi it goes to average level..ya gitu lah. well, udah mau hari terahir, jadi yaa tinggal 1 hari lagi gitu deh.ampun yahhhh time goes so fast, and ya gitu....and i just feel so bad for it.DAMN IT!I want this to be longer u know.and thats for real, and its ok for me to do this work for 1 month.hehehehheee...

so last night, we have a greatest dinner among the year in Kuta, and all of the intern was there and IT JUST BEYOND WORD!!!!!!me, jadey, dave, dick, raymond, and lanny joined this, and gitu lahh...asik abis..it just greates and it cant be explained by word, i mean all of us seems to be known each other for A LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG TIME you now, padahal baru tiga hari kenal, gila yahh...and i feel so bad dave and dick was gone already to jakarta, cause dave have to do intern placement test on jakarta.well dude, good luck with that.and what really cool on him is that, he was take kedpokteran as his major di sydeney lagi and di UNSW coba.kurang nge fans coba gue ama dia.i mean like, its my future. huh.weish me luck guys.okay..

jadinya, Kuta, OHHHMIIGODDD..i ve been waiting for this like hell.i mean last two years im here, i never go to Kuta, with the reason, its full and corwded, i mean what is thatm bilang aja males susah banget sich, sooo boring.hate that.

now, im at the stall take care of all this, and no fix plan until tonight, cause me, jadey, and raymond will watch Al Gore on speech (and he ust received NObel price loh...hebat yahh!gitu deh.and oo yeah, moms coming already, ARGHHHHH HATE THAT!.

ya udah dehh..good luck with that ya dave dan dick, and hansen, ahh come on, why cant you come now.and jady dont forget about us.also raymond, you rocks men!heart you guys.


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