well its 5 minutes in BALI AND ALL I CAN SAY ITS SUPERCOOLICIOUS...and i just cant explain all of the thing...OOOHHMIIGODDD...ILOVEE YOU DAD for BRINGING ME TO HERE!!!!! I CAN LIKE STAY HERE FOREVER...so the latest 5 minutes update is that is SUPERCOOLICIOUS!

you know why its soo COOOLCICIOS?!!!DAMN!i've got this tag that can get through all the room yang ada di sini, trus yang keren lagi ada foto gue gitu..hahahhaa..aneh dehh...so, the reason why im here is not only holiday, bu having this job AS A YOUNG OBSERVER FOR INDONESIAN SECRETARIAT!(well, keren kan Jadie namanya).well i also found a new friend, like Hansen, Jadie, Raymond, Dave and I think Dick, or i dont know lah, pokoknya mereka itu anak orang penting and they come from overseas, bukan orang bule tapi they mostly live overseas, and anak2 ini tinggal di Melbourne tau ngak sich, keren abis...

so i attend this UNFCCC actually, and thats why kenapa gue bisa kayak gini...soo its fun though,,,i will be intern kan.,.jadi i have soo many experience yang bakal gue dapet dari sini..

well...i update dehh lagi yahh..and tomorrow i have this field trip dimana gue harus ke pulau benoa..yahh will see tomorrow.and HAPPY HOLIDAY GUYS!

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