im sooo tired.i mean just got home in about 20 minutes i think, well i just finished with something call go to dentist, and guess what i have to do it again next week.sucks!!!

the day seems to be okay, nothing much, cause thats somethin that im not expecting anyway,soo yeahh.pretty flat.fine, like i care.in like 2 weeks i think, ahhhh seems to be hardest one in the beginning of the year, and you know every year i always met with this kind of think, especially in January, and it will stay until like March or April, i don't know, but the point is, hard things always come to me in the beginning of the year.maybe its jinx, i donno!ahhh, kok jadi serem yahh.

why do we have to talk the sadness anyway?the more we talked, the more we hated our self what we done, and sometimes, when you feel you didn't do anything, and everybody around you think somethin bad happened, it just the most stupid thing that happen to someone that is being affected.let just think?rite?well it work for me... :(

ahh udah lahh, if that's makes me irratitated ngapain gue omongin coba, kok jadinya curhat juga yah.ahhh udah lah, whatever happen let it be, and i will not fo to the same mistake that i done many many many years ago.that mean im a donkey?ahahha, Eeyore dong, lucu dengg,alahh, chape dee!!!

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