its been an official BAD DAY FOR ME.all the plan that being organized from many days ago, is just blew in one click of a finger.thats just irritating!!!!i hate my life today.i only want it to see my friend and why just its sooo hard for them to meet us together, because we already not seen each other for the last 2 years!!!!GUYS COME ON, WHATS IN YOUR MIND!!!ARE YOU CRAZY OF SOMETHING???!!well the answer will be no, cause it just my personal comment of the activieties.

so move on, s i said before, todayi have my dentist appointment in PS,and it went great,BUT NOT THAT GREAT,someone called mom, or should I SAY EVIL TWO FACES MOM!!!had just being crazy to everyone in the house just because nobody picked her phone, and about 20 minutes ago, the maid are not cooked anything for dinner, cause they think we're eating out (which is the usual thing that we do if we go out to the mall!,,freaky mom!, and not so motherly to be called as a mom!)

what kind of attitue is that, she's been acting like this in the last 2 days, and i just dont understand why, and the most weird thing is that, HOW COME DAD NOT SAYING ANYTHING!and PRETEND THAT EVERYTHING WAS OKAY!!!!BUT ITS NOT OKAY!!!maybe only 20% of mom in this world will acted like that, and the rest im sure they will acted in different way!GOD!!!WHY MY LIFE HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!!!I HATE IT!!!

p.s: sorry for the curhat post that i just wrote, cause for info i dont have place for sharing this,
people might think its weird, but thats just the thing i want it to say.sorry!

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