ohh, shes just ruin everything!..well, its none other than my mom.i just got back from PACIFIC PLACE from watched movies, and then there's aq call that caid, eveyone at home not picked up her phone, and shes started to SCREAMING AT EVERYBODY AT THE HOUSE!!!wtf!.i hate that kind of attitude, so not showing any of motherhood or something.

so, let just cool of a bit from that incident!.overall report of the day is fun.went by myself to watch movies (BEE MOVIES and NATIONAL TRESURES:BOOK OF SECRET) in PACIFIC PLACES.quite crowded in there, people are still in the holiday mood, i guess.but parents already start the usual activity, which is working.well thats good,at least it give them something to do, especially my mom, so she can atleast cool down that attitude for time.

the movie was good.entertaining, thats all i can say.the jokes, the action/bumpy things it was enough for refreshing my mind of the thing from many days ago.especially BEE MOVIE, well as we all know bee has the color of black and yellow, and when i go to toilet, it was black, cause thats the interior, and i almost hit the wall of the cubical, cause i think thats the door, but it was not.so i nearly hit my head on there, and it just funny, bee makes my eyesight dizzy.huhh!!!but lol for myself.!

the rest of holiday is still on, and my plan of tommorow is that go to PIM with ele. friends.been not seeing them for 2 years, so kind of miss all of them.sushi groove will be our spot for lunch, and there will be others like rina, wulan, dea, andhika, rangga, and indah.they just like my best buddies when i was in there!!!really heart you guys and hope you can make it for tommorow.its not much, hang out and do some starbucking (i think, thats my idea..)will be other choices of activities in a day.just cros finger and hope tommorow will be fantaBOLOUS!!!!

ok then,gotta go, need to have MAGHRIB pray :).tattaaa!

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