pizza for dinner, and it was great.so, its 2008 finally, and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 guys!!!!!/wish you the all the best for the year.hows your old and new thing?fun??i hopre, well moi was chatting thorugh MSN yesterday for the coutndown, and it was fun though.i have cheisy and wulan on there, and yeah we talked a lot there... the opening of the year begun with the rain that just hardly stop, cause from yesterday the rain pour constantly and added with the cloudy day in jakarta.he???why im telling like a weather forecast guy.hahah.lol!.today, me.daddy.mommy.asha.granny.and om tam, go to FOUR SEASON for having new year brunch.the ood was dlicioBOLOUS!!!(i dont think theres a word for that, but IT TASTE FREAKIN GOOD!!!!), they have many variation in there, from seafood to bihun goreng. THEY HAVE IT, its like FOOD GALORE OF THE DAY.hahahahhahahahahhahhaa. we're not talking much in the luch, but it was cozy and kind of cheesy lunch for me.the school is ahead, i mean LIKE AHEAD.about 8 days from now, my plan is kind of organized right now, tomoorow i'll be at BLITZ for ONE FULL D cause im gonna do MOVIEING activity, and for the next day elementary kids reunion at PIM (sushi groove, YAY!!sushi with the good deal price lohh).it will fun ( cross finger!!!!).lol!! okay then, thats the thing for today!!!BORINGGGGG!!!

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