8;41AM, can i be a chef or what?!

morning, ahahahaa, still sleepy nehh, and when i write this, is like my vision has 4 parts,ahahaha, okayy im no drunk or do whatever that is okay!ahahahhaha!!!, so anyway, lots and lot of homework to do, but i just too lazy to do it, i mean i still have like 48 hours to do it, ahahaha, soo me,aduhhh sooo maless lahh, but i promised to myself i will do this though, and i know i can keep my promise well, alahh rama, sook narsis banget!!!

currently listenin to: stop and stare-one republic

i spent my friday night by watcehd NO RESERVATION in DVD, ooomiigeee, that another thing that makes me wanna be a chef, aduhh unbelieveable dee!!!ITS SOO GOOD!, soo touaching, i mean the little girl like loosing her mom, padahal mau ke tempat auntnya, yang dianya adalah main characternya gitu dee, ehhh waktu di traffic malah apet crashed, oomy, i reli wanna cry when CATHERINE ZETA JONE read the letter from little girl mom that request her to took care of her, if somethin happened.ahahaha, ouch!!!!

whats fready here, is that, i finished my proposal!!HAH!!!yay!!!ahaha, and the worst is i dont get a chance to watched JAVA JAZZ 2008, aduhhh, ngak ada dui and ngak ada yang di rumahh sii booo!!ahahaha!!, yasud lahh!!

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