hellogoodbye NY

ok then, hello everybody outhere, and its about 1 and 1/2 hour to go for new york trip. as you know, i laready doiing things that is like interview, getting the visa, and blahahahhaa, yang pastinya cape abis gituu dehh.and 2 days to my birthday, and yeah im in NEW YORK, yahhh ngak ama temen-temen guee.sedihh dehh.

lets open the entries with the magnificient time at the SUSHO NUBO by NANDRA.lohhh, kayak fairytales yahh.hahahahhaa, anyway, btw, dia kan ulath gituu dehh boo, trus ngundang gue jam 1/2 10,ckckckck, di bolehin lagi. thanks ari,,, ngak elo marahin pasti gue ngak dateng.hehehhee, so yeah, it was a blast, and we ate like a baby, its like a mess everywhere.parah abiss!!AHAHA, BUT I LOVE YANG MILIH SUSHINYA, enakk boo.hehehheeee.gooodd point for all of us.and creadit to nandra.filza.ariani.fajar.nabila.michel.sari.gino.fajar, and yeah ericka was gorunded so shes not in the parte.huhuh, sedihh dehh!!

anyway, udah packing nehh sekarang, and gotta go for NY for 5 days, hope i have fun in there, then hellogoobye NY then.hehehhhee!!

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