im like in the desperation of bored,i dunno that kind of feeling is coming to me again, and i know its not a good sign, and its just not me!!ughh i hate his kind of stuff.have u been in feeling, where its actually nothin happened, but u feel u just wanna throw up eveyrthing in ur mind or others, and u feel you like wanna eat people around you, okay maybe not eat, but ignore and LET THE ATTENTION TO YOU!!!!, yeahh, i think thats me for a while, i dunoo and no complaint!!SEE!!

okay, this is my second post of the day, well i'll try to not post on my day or whatsoever, becauuse it just soo lame to read the same over and over again, or it just the writer, which is me, that cant find the idea for his writitng!!AHH WHATEVER!!!, i cant hold it myself, i wanna expode rite now!!AHHHH!, is it jealousy atau apalah itu, its not love, oo yeah its a tocuhy subject, BUT ITS NOT!!I DUNOO!!!!WHATEVE WORLD!!!

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