aduhhh, jujur gue tepar abis dari PASIRMUKTI and kemaren i went to KIDZANIA.semua sii fun abis, but kayaknya gue kecapean, and agak masuk angin gituu lahh, jadinya, agak lemes2 ngak jelas.eughh, gue hate yang namanya sakit atau lemes-lemes ngak jelas gitu tau ngak siii, its prevent me on doing many things in my day, and you know, like i have to make my report, which is due on monday, which somethin that i had done for about 70%, well, i dont really give pikiran, cause i done that far, but still i have to finish it rite.

okay, PASIRMUKTI was freakin awesome!!!!, i just love every single thing that is happening yang ada disana gituu.i mean, the friends, the mud fight, the drama, it just stuck in my mind that easily you know, i cant even describe it in word. well my favorite part is when we gone for mud fight, gilaaa itu asik abis sumpah demi, well some of my friends, ngak ikut, katanya takut kotor, and ada yang agak sakit, TAPI ITU GOKIL ABISS!!!BEHHHHH!!!!,gilaa dahhhh!!!!

yayyyy, itu sichh some photo that i took from the field trip, kalo banyak2 nanti ngak cukup memorinya.ahahahhaa.sorii deeee.

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