and hello again, from me, i duuno why i kinda sound like in GG, or not.oo yeah, thanks to internet for letting me watched the episode of 16-17,yups thats is nice huh, and yeah, a little bit spoiler here, people who are actually nice, is the one who stand by you no matter what happened, and yeah, i quote it from the episode it self. it just weird, and i like to give it a name for this last 2 episode, a dark period for all the characters in the show, and yeah, bisa juga dibilang climax, atau bakalan ada yang ada lebih, but for sure, ini akan membuka beberapa jawaban dari 1 episode.okay, enoughh yaa...

first come first, i missed them, meaning im not even say goodbye with them, cause they actually leaving from my sight.they back to SING, bsok, kayaknya yang flight yang sore dee, but im not sure.and the last thing yang bakal gue kasih tau adalah, it just ackward untuk someone that i jsut knew, trus pisah without the official goodbye, kayaknya ngak sopan aja.i know you dont know anything about me, or the other way around, but thats just the thing you know.

all my deadline, thank god, is finished, and yeah, gue belajar satu hal yang jarang gue liat dalam hidup gue sendiri adalah, to get into something, sometime you need a little but of sweat.thats all.biasa banget yaa, tapi ngak salahnya juga kalo gue post.aniway,

weekend, just like that, exam is coming and lots of work to do people, ciao!

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