i need a mechine or something?!

okee, before i talk about how i desperate need a machine which can eat all my homework at once and hypnotize my teacher, so they think i done their homework, i want to welcome nandra back.and here's a quote, "talk to my left hand, cause you aint got right!".ahahhaa, well you know what is that rite, anya and nan',gegegege,

soo yeah, its been 5 days of school and riding bikes session in the morning, which is pretty nice actually, fitness and saving emissions, i think im trying to do both of things in once, woww, 2 in 1,hhahhaa.okeee, now, udah mulai ngak penting kan, ohhmyy!!my homework was like a traffic jam, okayy i think thats just a bad sentence to explain my despearate on it, okay, its just like a truck that full of paper and pen, and ready to be dump infront of me, with the sign of DO IT NOW!OR somethin else (pokoknya yang lebay2 ajaa).

yeahh, now im supposed to do the bio reading and makes a notes on the differences in the eukaryotic and prokayotic cells, woww, i mean, its like 10 pages reading,aduhh maaa', i've been seating in my study room for like, 3 hours i think, thats to song in the online radio on the radio, i think its kind of a remedy to me.hehehheee,

rite, thenn, gottta back to work,
btw, first weekend in the schools week,

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