theres no point on it!

school just keep me busy currently and for the coming weeks.yeahh, i know, theres just a load of things and needs to be done before the term test coming up.well, for me it just too fast, i mean for the test to be given out, since we only had like about 8 weeks of school?!and "you" or the "P" want to squeeze all of that in 5 days test, goshh, do you have any idea how much time that I and all of your kids to stay up and eat all of those theory and items from the paper?well, just one thing, its a WOAHH!!!ckckckckc,

soo yeahh, as i said before, everything that have connection to school is affecting every single things in my day currently.i mean, all of them are just eating my brain slowly and it will continue until i can say that, "i cant do it!".like oohhmiigeesshh!

i dont know whats the point of writing this for now,
but its just something i want to share before i get back to studies,
ritee, i have Bahasa Indonesia test and BIO reading material,
wish me lukc on the test,
au revoir and cheers,

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