just having food after fasting one day..feels sooo good~
anywayy, today im staying at home for studying in which i found out to be a good head start for all my subject next week...
so far i cover Math, Indonesian language, Business, English (since thats for Monday...) TOK..well, all of that is done by scheming, in which i done it pretty well should i say..
now, since i have english on monday, its kinda makes me gasping all over now.well, FYI, this is my fist time in literature class for english, and i never had to write a commentary or comparative essay, while usually i just had to came out with one particular topic that i need to write it as an essay for the test..
so, since the situation is like that, yesterday, i ask anya, how to made it.she said that, its basically simple, just KISS (Keep It Shot & Simple), and yeahh, shes write its not some story or whatsoever, people need to read out our arguments and point, sooo the things is the lenght is has to be short and concise....
thenn..for prep, im looking at some sites that offer a guide to write this kind of essay, and i found some of this really explained what anya said to me..

soo thank you anyaa!!!english coach of the day~

oo ritee, does taylor swift released a new video?
i dunno id it rite or not?!
well im gonna post it anyway, 
Taylor Swift-Picture To Burn.

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