my life has been pretty darn these weeks..well i am expecting to had a wonderful two weeks of free time in most of my subjects, but it turn out to be somekind of hell in life..oo yeahh, its hell people...

well, FYI all my grades are just a piece of misery that i promise will not something to sweet to talk about.goshh, i cant believe like i got not too bad or good grade, well you know then how much i get for these grade.but thank god, there no "failing" situation in here, sooo something that i can be glad to.

anyway, its not all that im not study or play to hard or whatsoever reason that i or you can think off, but its more something new that i never done it...just that.since IB yeahh, its killing me, or should i say "suck up our teenager life", (okehh gue lebay) 

soo can i have a better life from now?!
ooo please and thank you!
thats it!
i wanna have my relax time,
thank you myspace, you are my boo, i knoww darl~

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