another whining session

since i've opened like 20 tabs and then suddenly it stop working with no reason...eughh!!there gone my gossip girl, privileged and ugly betty online watching session.screw (fill in the company name),

anyway, i haven't update anything like decades, well thank IB..that make MSN not having users online through their messenger, and Blogger of course, blogging activity is kinda out from the activity of the day.and both of the effect comes from the same reason, which is homework.yess, again i whine again about that thing, everyday is just gonna pile up like shit!and i can tell, it will never going to be stop until the so-day-called Graduation Day, ohhmyy!!how can i cant wait for it..!!

weekends is now filled with work and work, and i hope you guys agreed with me (tag it if this think happen the same to you!), less fun more work.well, not so much less fun, but the "ME" session is kinda loosing up a bit..

ehmm, nothing much happened in my life and the school.just same old crappy rama day should i say.and it just going to repeat all over again...huhuh~

right, i need to stop whining and have a reality check on myself.
btw, talking about "reality", i agreed with Ichel, why MTV is putting more REALITY SHOW than MUSIC THEMED PROGRAM, i mean according to Nandra's blog, that what Music Network Television to do, MUSIC!not REALITY SHOW TV!you guys on the field should do more of dictionary research rather than watching more tv,,,yeahh idiot box i like to put it..


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