one of a kind.

actually, costume can actually make your day more fun and exciting,ahahaha, like what we done in the school today for exapmple, everybody just showed up with their best "armor" on themself.isnt it great?and fyi, this is the first time that Binus have this kind of things.soo, tribute to ms donna then, who actually be the pioneer of the event to have happened!!weee miss donaa!!!

the costume that i saw today, has a create a exotic atmosphere should i say, name all the type of model that pop in my mind now.okayy, from me, im thinking of, HARUJUKU!, ehmm, formal part clothe, ehmm, gothic!, evil, and many other types that i dont know their term.hehhee,but thats the things, it is sooo good!

anissa for example, she came with a shiny blonde wig, and some sailor like uniform ala anime style..its soo cool!!i should tell you!!ohhmyy, i just kickin and screamin a wholeee time when i saw her..hehehee.but, KIKI!!!oowhhh yess, she is the satr of the day, KIMONOO PEOPLEE!!!KIMONO is her dress, she look gorgeous, i mean, for girls, it make her prettier than the usual, it just something.hehehehehe,

right then, i think photos would be a better way on expressing what is happening today,yeahh, thats a good idea!!enjoy!

applause to costumers..hehhee.

woww, bule Belgium, yuu.

kiki look gorgoeus, and antoni, you are to the core!

anissa and tiffany, gaoell!

speechless dee, simple but to the point!

awwness :)

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