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yups the title said at all, there some things that is interesting to talk about, when i was reading newspaper this morning.news like a group of people that found a AIDS virus and cancer and got a noble prices, also with the continuation of the economic crisis in the world regarding a downfall in United States, and from our own domestic region, Jakarta will have a multiple numbers of new "guests" after the Lebaran break.soo lets break it down then..

first, yups human are genius should i say, i mean they actually find a virus for AIDS and Cancer, which we know, it already cause us a headache to find a cure since nobody know where exactly it come from.some says the virus firstly introduced by monkey, but is it really true?!well, nobody knows, until these three magnificent yet dedicated person found that the virus (sorry, i dont know the details about this, since the news is focusing only the noble prize that they are getting)

now, how about the economic recession, oo yess people, it has been a hot topic in the last 3 weeks.soo if you found some people getting crazy about their money, it is because some of their investment capital is lost, since the value of their money is cut down by (ehmm, how do i explain, cause its kind complicated actually) the amount of people that is trying to get their money?!okayy, i think thats a wrong description, soo in short, because the downfall of their economy in United States, their situation is affected most of the part of the world, in the sense of their value of dollar to the domestic currency.sorry for the bad and not informative info, i hope you get the big picture on what is happening to the world business and economic environment.

lastly, after the lebaran break, newspaper indicated there will be a increase in the number of people that is coming to Jakarta.the factor that affect this situation is that, still taking the reason of their economic condition, but most importantly fixing their quality of life that is just not having any changes back to their home.the situation is not new to our region, because it already happen a couple of times, especially after the lebaran break, i should say the Festive month mark the moment to start a new chapter in many aspects of life.

soo i think i'll wrap it this post with,
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