october road.

in my math class today, me and sarie had this kind of talk, where we discussed about "future life",,yess, another future themed post people.im not try to be crappy or anything, but i founded funny for both of us, since not only something that can refresh us from numbers and all thats kinda of things, but its more into,,,ehmm, a chit-chat reunion should i say,ahahahaha,

soo sari ask me this question, "ram, later when you grown up, what is the best thing that can be happening in you life.."
woww, when i first heard that one, i kinda of stop and blink for a while, since i realized theres actually people that had a same thought like me.honestly, i like to fantasize this kinda of thing during my free time, but i just dont deeply stick it for myself, since i know what i try to share it with someone, they will think this a "rama being him, weird and something else"

i answered her with this, "okayy this is whats going to happen, woke up in the morning with my partner..that someone will bring me a cup of coffee, and kinda say a calm greeting of good morning,with a cherish smile on a face.afterward, "the someone" will kinda of rubbing up my hair a bit, and snuggling up together in bed again for atleast 5 minutes before getting ready"...and she says, "ohhmyy, rammm, you are one hell of a kind victim from those soaps.clckckkc, i cant believe you are very imaginative..."

ha!, theres a think again that, life sometimes cannot be according ton your will ofcourse, but, just think if you can make it happen,life with someone that you actually care and lived together, and atleast taste a little bit of that scene in my morning, noo, in you guys mornig,wouldnt be sweet to have it?just a bit,,,not too much or too sweet also, just IT!

btw, im now currently watching "OCTOBER ROAD",,ohhmiigeee, that is soo goes into my must watch list of the week,hehhheee,
the opening scene in PILOT episode, is give me this inspiration on writing this post.thanks and enjoy!

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