realized and resolution

first of all, happy new year 2009 people, i hope the very best is coming this year.so, i think this is the first time i made my REALIZED and RESOLUTION post, and with this i can trace back whatever that's been happening around this year, and make a new line for next year, so it will be better year than before.amen, soo lets get started!

  1. i realized that in the end, ourself is what cound in the end of the day
  2. i realized im still nothing like a brat
  3. i relied there are few persons that knows me really well
  4. i realized serving others make me motivated to do many other thing
  5. i realized that live without someone you love is not east
  6. i relized there are still person who count you as something
  7. i realized that life is all about findings, and choosing what is best to ourself
  8. i relize, although people throwing out crap to me, i can still moving on with my life
  9. i realized crying is one of the best remedt on a bad day
  10. i relized that myself is different from other in such way
  11. i realized to start accepting the difference in myself that almost bothering me for some time
  12. i realized there always an event called, "letting in and letting out"
  13. i reliazed when i like something, i should get ready to get it off from me
  14. i realized that sometimes "bitch" is my middle name
but, i should make a resolution for next year..
  1. i should be able to manage myself better
  2. i should get better grades this year
  3. i should be able to write an essay better!
  4. i should know that everyone, including myself has a limitation
  5. i try to get a partner this year (nahh yang ini, gak jelas masih jadi resolution apa napsu?ahah)

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