without any further do, i present you
(drumroll, pleaseee,,,)

oo yes, i had family movie day today, and my mom suggest to watch this.well, anya's has been craving to watch this, and i should say nyaa, its awesomeesss..the sroty of Jamal who accidently join the Who Wants To Be A Millionaier and actually wins the GRAND PRIZE OF 1 MILL. RUPPES (which make's him the hit for India's Television).soo, actually, he's just an orphan and everyday kind of guy who work and try to make a living.but, dont you think, someone who just cant win the prize, is written as a faith?or playing by luck?find out more for yourself guys.

well, i should say that, Indonesia also have their own hit, which is Laskar Pelangi rite?and they have a same quality elements on it, soo both are worth to watch, if you guys havent done it in the cinema..

okayy then, i think after a long day @ mall, hot shower would be nice...
happy sunday, and hello monday :)

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