voice around me

kay, outside the rain is pouring, then i heard my sister crying wildly with no unacceptable reasons and make my parents pissed.and what else, my keyboard is made a *clicking* sounds as i writing this post.oo well,

so, i just finished doing my math revision, i know rite, sounds N.E.R.D.Y, or maybe i am.exam in 2 weeks, and seriously there a other gazzilion things that i need to revised, which if i change into percentage, i only do like 40/100.wowww, soo here's come IB..(oo yes, my sister is still crying outhere, like a little brat asking for a candy -.-)

my mom told me that, she couldnt reach ACS since in Singapore they celebrated labor day a a national holiday.soo, screw them, and makes me mom pissed also, since she had 12 hours waiting time with nothing to do, while she supposed to be asking for info, if i can transfered there..ooohh, im counting down into moving.crap!!!!

hmm, what else, i think thats all, mau sholat dulu ahhh, c u..
have a good monday everyone.ciao!

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