rapid changes

hei guys,

so, today i went to my Buka Puasa at school. It is kind of annual event, where all the community in my school, and gathered to break their fast together ofcourse. I remembered, about 360 days ago, im walking around the aisle of the corridor, to make sure that every single thing is on the right track, and nothing is off the schedule, but look at now...a new bacth of committee is taking place, and done exactly the same thing..i realized, how time move so fast, and everything is soo...ehmm, intense should i say.schoolwork, friends, family, financial problems, my community, univ, SAT test, IA's, EA's, Singapore,moving schools, and soo much more..are now jumbling in my head, and waiting to be organized into a massive To-Do-List.

my grandma said that, thats the consequences you have to take, when you start to grow up. sometimes, there are things that you just cant control, but you have to do it, like or not. it makes me realized, that all of this, is a part of making myself better, and better.life is demanding, and i have to keep up with that, for good and for worst, it sounds cliche, but thats the way things work.

a couple days ago, i read this book called, "One Small Act, Can Change You Life-A Kaizen Way", i is a self-improving book, that tells you on how to make your life better, with 4 simple act: ask questions, think of small action, do small action, and solve a small problem.i quote:
its better to do a small things but create a continuation, rather than something big but resulting on nothing

its a wake up call, to start do the same thing, and that is my job for a couple of months, to applied that in life.

o well, im gonna watch 90210 now..hehehee, c you guys.
have a good weekend.

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