packing, new days, SANG PEMIMPI and a bit of miracles

morning people, if you are not in Jakarta i tell you this. i can see a greyish sky over my house. its kinda sucks, since i wish for a perfect happy yellow sunlight today. well, guess God is not granting my wish today..

so, i wish that when im at Bali the weather will not be this suckie. seriously, if its like this then OOOHHMYY i cannot imagine how annoying it would be. yesterday im done packing for this trip, FYI for the first time im using a small trolley. it felt weird actually, cause im not getting used to have a "so called pack" packing, where i just prepared everything accordingly to the day. ahaha, udh ahh kok jadi ngak penting kayak gini.

yes, its a new day with a new spirit and more to come. i feel very ecstatic for everything that's going to happen today... i cant really say it one by one, because it just too much to be listed down! OO!!!!my mom suddenly gimme a free ticket for SANG PEMIMPI! MYYY GODD!!!! YOU HAVE NOO IDEA HOW MUCH I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOVIE FOR SOOOO LONGGG!!! PRAISEEE THE LORD! soo, got any comment aboutthis movie before i go to cinema this afternoon? well, i heard over twitter that some might say its boring and the other give a splendid review regarding this? lets see who's winning on the battle of the argument, shall we?

okayy then, gonna change my clothe and gone for a lunch date. ciao!


hyoori said...

Sang Pemimpi.. the beginning of the movie was a bit boring (I have to admit) but the ending was very happy anyway! and also sad :'( I can't help myself wept several times at that time uuh :'(

must watch :) - but don't try to compare it with the novel or .. simply just look at the positive sides :3

Hamzah Ramadhan said...

iyaaa yaaa...setujuuu banget!
but there's this part dimana bikin gw mau nangis tuu pas kalo ngak salah si Ikal mau pergi ke Jakarta and liat si Lintang reunited gituu..astagaaa, itu hampir bikin gw nangis!

oo iyaa bangettt!!!!!!the novel siii tetep THE BEST..the movie cukup memuaskan kok, WAJIB TONTON!

hyoori said...

whaaaaaaat Lintang? kayanya ga ada lintang di sono O_O arai kali yah? xDDD lintang udah ga tau kemana D: (padahal dia keren + pinter)

aah iya bener !! :333

(gw sih ga 'hampir' tapi emang nangis! >w<)