love erverywhere people!ITS LOVE!!!!

aduh pokoknya hari ini auranya tuh happy and full of love. ya gimana gak, just met the dream one and all my friend have thier own dream one.hah..we just full of love baby!oo...yeahh. and okay, its like this, i just ericka to get close ith her dream one.sweet!ya gitu.it start from saturday, its love and love and love and LOADS of love. i know its kind of annoying to talk about love, but i and we just love to talk about it.hehehee..

okay, have good times in every subject lah...hahahaa..i just happy with all the love around me.hehehee..lovestryck kali yah.tapi gak gitu juga sich, this people that i know, was just number 1, remind of someone, and it juts like the vice versa of this people.freaky in a way.gak juga, tapi gtu lah.

so lets just bring up our ericka story to my blog (its her who want it), so here it is. its all the extreme i mean extreme love search atau apalah on ferina birtday.that afternoon, was just like any other afternoon, except the craziness yang dia ada pada hari itu (well, i know, this people sometimes makes me melting in a way, good choices ericka.proud of you). i just heart her so much, i mean come on, she just ericka.hehehee.you know what i mean rite.hope.hehehe.the lunch, movie on mr brook, and it just shes in ready for fight of love.ooo yeah!

love pics.love it

hehehee.i think thats enough for explaining the love kind of fever of the day.hehehee.and for you i wish i can see you more.hehehehee.and ericka, prepare for the battle of love yah, its hurt.hehehee.gak denggg.kalo dicoba pasti gak bakal hurt.hohooo.

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