aghhh just simply hate the day!i mean bad about it.ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!that person was just so annoying, and im sorry to not saying the name of it.and thats the first thing that my day.i mean, im trying to be nice, but that person never get it.i dont know.whyy!ahhhhh.so not appreciate people banget sich.and really, im mad about that.ihhhh!bagus elo gitu, blom gue apa2in.well no offence yahh.but it suck, when you being like that by the person, you actually like.ohhh save it until you die ram,you never i mean never do that to the person.ahhh whatever.im just hoping we can get along, and thats it.

so anyway, i lost my bahasa exercise book, DAMN!!!!!!all my mark and exercise was there (ya iyalah namanya juga exercise).oo iya, rama pintra loooh, kemaren baru menciptakan senteces baru buat love and its like this: i do take the risk of love just because of you.ihhh seneng dehh.hehehee.

ahh tomorrow holiday,got nothing to do lahhh.mls mau kemana2, but atleast i done all the homework for the next 2 days.yess.rama pintar.soo narcissistic, ya nihhh dua hari ini lagi kena sindrom itu gue, freaky.kan bsok nyobolos gitu, alahhh gue ngak ngelakuin ini, why should i think about it.BETUL!ngak juga sich.ahh udah ah gue ngak ngerti.

bye people.love can be tricky.the love word of the day for rama.cheers!

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