hoi people dah ngak nge post for days.the weekend,got nothing to say.bored.so anyway,hah school sucks.all the subject makes me wanna bang my head to the wall.aduhh chape abis lahhh.ngak ada yang buat bahagia.alnd you know what, it just a bad day for me to all the subject, first im late in the 1st session then and got another one in IT, trus blom oake late lagi di chemist.ampunn!and cuma satu yang bisa gue tumpahin salahnya FAJAR!...ARGHHHHH!hari gue udah cukup ngak enak gara2 dia.ya udah lah , gue maapin.not the second one yah!arhggggg!

so hows your day people??i hope its not like mine.ahhhh having a bad day just because of school, its just sooooo not.ya ngak.iya banget.ehmmm,just one thing, love the dance session,WHEHEHH!!!dapet move baru gitu.heheheee.soo happy for MAJAPAHIT!GOOOO SHARK BABY!alahh.aneh dehh.

special for NANDRA,tomorrow NANDRA FUN TIME!!hihihihihihi.aneh dehh.it seems that everybody got their baby on ride.heheee.ya udah ahh.love love for all of you.caw :)

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