oughhh the same old day.what can i say.bored subject yang bikin gue kedinginan (ya secara hari ini pake jaket jadi ya ngak.hehehehee :).so anyway, nothing to say about this freakin school thing lahh.it just stay whatever it is.hehehee.jelas dan singkat.perfect!

so hows my life??its back to happy bussiness?well it just the way it is.and btw, i was wrong about that person, im sorry to say a bad thing about you and i know that you having a bad day.so sorry about that.and back to the blog thing, i can finally interact with that people!LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! i love that moment, even its only 10 minutes, it woth it you know.aahhhhhhhh!!!LOVE IT!!!thats makes me sugar high.sort of.but not to mention about all my friend, nandra.filza.ferina.ericka.fajar.morgan.adit, heart you guys, its nice conversation on morning and recess, love that ritual.and thanks 100000x.hehhhhheeee.really heart you guys!

so, im still sleepy cause yesterday, stay at school until 5PM and thats makes me tired of the dance thing for majapahit.well its majapahit.ya gitu lahh...

so bye people.hope you guys have a good weekend.cheers and love.rama.

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