so its wednesday.mean: i have an early out for the school.im in the middle of the week, and still got so much thing to do. well, i dont really want to update the blog at home, cause my laptop was some kind of suck,in a way, ahhh no need to explain. dasar laptop super butut and udah alahhh susah dijelaskan.yang penting i share my thought in here.stuju.iya aja deh,! :)

still at school!ahhh ya udah lah, who cares about this anyway.got home, and guess what i should do??i dont know, play computer, study for tommorrow, and tau lahh..its like go with the flow.yang pasti its not a productive thing.one of the way to fight the boredom!whooohh gila deh gak ada abisnya!

have so much time in school, and still got a little tired after that competition, but the ost important thing is that, i can finally _ _ _ that person (finally, like it just feel like heaven).hahahahahah!asik abis, and it like fun time for that after school session gitu.ohhh rama love it and its back to love bussiness darling!yeahh!so, every class has their own story to tell, and jadi gak gak usah dijelasin, its not really that interesting kok.fun fun and drama in love.alahh sok melodramatic gitu gak???tau dehh..hehehee.

so, im still desperately need an eclipese...ahhh i need it, mungking gue dosa kali kalo gue ngak baca tuh buku.its a big sin rama ITS A BIG THING!!!ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! you have to get in whatever way.ya udah lahh gak usah terlalu memaksakannya.hehehe.sok tenang gitu, padahal gak!!!i want to know how Edward and Bella and acob doing there, and all this vampire love..ahhhh it just soooo breathtaking.love it love it !!!

ya udah ah, ntra bosen lagi gue ngebacot,hehehehe ngak juga sich,but later ill update it again.i dont when, but for sure.heheheee.bye people.share some love.rama :)

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