bahh..and thats it, gila belom weekend aja idup gue udah gak enak, gimana ntar weekend.aiayahhhhh...dasar gue gak bisa appreciate idup banget yah.hehehehee...so, got boredom attack, and im just decide to myself to blog for a while before the math investigation...ampunn dehhh pake kalkulator...hahahhaa..thanks for the technology people.

anyway, i can tell that this is the most hectic and worst day evaa!!!ya ampun after soo many long time akhirnya gue mendapatkan yang namanya the BLCK PERIOD, where everything infront me seems to be hard and it just scary...and ofcourse makes me sensitive.ahhh shit!i hate that part of me, is like come back to say hella, and try to get things worst u know.alaahhhh..sok superticious banegt sich...heyy people its hallowee, everything should scary is in't...gagagagaa.gak lah.

ya udah dehh..doain aja bagus buat investigation,and HAPPY HALLOWEEN'07 PEOPLE!gagagagaa, and not to mention, the BUKU BERJALAN SERVICE WAS ROCKS, THANKS GUYS.heart u all!!!.

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