oohhh myyy goddd..weww..i can actually blog again..after soo many long time that makes my life in hell.ya iyalah, jadi gini loo the reason why im not update my blog itu cause my internet that is stupid and all this thing (i mean school work that is bothering me a lot), yaaa iyalahhh..sumpah dehhh...anyway, where are we? rite, the reason why...alahh so the click five banget sichh....

anyway...minal aidin wal fa idzin yahh (aduhhh goblok banget yahh gue baru kasih selamet skarang, hehehehhe kayak ada yang baca aja dehh..wohohohoo), tapi iayalh harsu masa sebagai rama, ngak gitu sichh,, ihh aneh banget sich gue.ya itu dehh...welll, i have fun in that day, well ngak juga sich, tapi daripada the last years (i mean two years ago), its just the good one.hehehheee.tapi ya gitu dehh..cuma dapet 100k from grandpa, aduhh pelit banget sich orang2 ama gue, kasih napa.hehehhehehee.dasar rama, gak bersyukur.hehehehee.tapi thanks yahhh kalo ngasih doa juga cukup hohohohoho.

so, all my maid are not back.shit!.so you know, i have to do all the chores at home, bukannya males, but i just tired, ya gimana ngak. kerjaannya makin hari makin numpuk, and it feels like i dont have time to do all of this things, men! i wish i had the TIME STOPPER, just like Hermione had in Harry Potter, yahhh sudah lahh ram, you cant do it anyway...it just useless.

so thats the intro of the opening statement in my post after soo many long time.

well, lets move on then..there are sooooooooooo i mean LOADS of thing that is happening around, i dont know 1 month.hah.lama banget yah kayaknya.ya gitu dehh..let just explore all of that one by one

FIRST!I OFFCIALLY JOIN NARNIA!, hehehehehehe i really thanks filza and nandra...hehehhe ngak ada mereka gue gak mausk situ kali.aduhh thank you sooo much, this is like my first experience in playing in big theare, i mean real theatre, ya iyalah...ITS GKJ people.for info, its the only and yang paling bagus di JAKRTA, and almost all the fine arts and performance are there to entertain the JAKARTAIAN, alahhhh...ya gitu dehh.hehehehehehee.

SECOND!CONGRATS FOR THE NEWLYWEDS (NOT REALLY MARRIED, BUT JOINED UNION SHOULD I SAY)...TOOOO ERICKA AND FAJR.asikkk lusa is your satu bulanan lohh..hohohohohohoh.well, tha short description that is they really fall in love each other, and that is soo swett..AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!


FOURTH!I MISS THE BIGGEST CONCERT IN THE YEAR...THE BLACK EYE PEAS....YA OLOHHh!!!!!!..EMANG DASAR BEGOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!.sumpah gue nyesel banget...i mean its bEP and with the opening act of THE CLICK 5, alahhhhhhh...dasasr gue.....and u know i stuck at home in that day doo all the chores!!!AMPUNNNNNNNNNNNN !!!!!

aduhhhhh writers block nehhh..i dont know what to write...well its like thins, being single its fun..thats the thing that i want to keep it in my mind.ok people, so if you read my blog remember that!!!.hahahahahhahahahaha.

so bye.and spread some life.and care about souronding okay!

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