so its lebaran holiday.hahahahhahahaaa.thanks god its holiday again.but not for me, i dont know like every lebaran i juts not feel that feeling, hihahahahahhaha idont know lahhh...it just me or what.ok, its me only.lol.NOT!!!!

so finally i can blog again after so many decade, well not really....just kind of busy with all the school work and assignment (AND THANKS GOD ITS THE END OF ALL ASSESSMENT I HAE AT SCHOOL).WHOOOOO....rehearsel..alahhh soooo mnay things, it takes me a year to list all of it...sooo drama king (supposed to be daram queen, hey im a guy rite!).well..thats the one, and another thing, i found that every idea that i want to put it in my blog itu selalu ilang gara2 im just lazy to write it....ahhh bad habit.hihihihihihihihi.

my life are boring thats the one. and two....i dont know lahhh...chape gue.heheheheeee.

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