bahahahhahaha.finally can update my blog.SCHOOL ARE JUST HECTIC!.ya iyalah gimana ngak, narnia rehearsal.ya u know.its like 3-4 hours of rehearshal.BAH!!!!TAPI ITS ONLY LIKE 10 days to the show people.wh, btw nonton yah.hahahhahaaaa.

so hows my weekend??!i like to say, moderate weekend,hahahaha,go to wedding, alahhh tapi in good way i can eat peking duck in there.WUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!.tapi the worst thing is that, daddy gone to bali for a month,DAMN IT! and thats mean NO FREEDOM!!!!mom in charge, so hell is around me.alahhhh.

so exam is coming up, but i just cant wait for holiday, I WANT TO GO BALI!I MEANN!!!IN A DANGER OF HOLIDAY!!!!i get enough of all of this.!!!!

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