blehh..blehh..blehh..thats all i can say..heheheheee...

why im saying that..hmm lets see. tomorrow i have 2 assigment at once, which are chemistry and biology..damn it! i have to study tonight..but i just dont have mood to do it.gagagagaa..trus, oo iya, yesterday daddy, just back from singapore, and brought me this magical cubic (you know the addicted game before sudoku)..nahhhh itu..tapi its say REVOLUTION, so its kind of new gitu deh.hehehehee..anyway, the game is simple, click one of the button in there, and WEALAHHH!!!! you can straight play the ga,e. its pretty addicted lahh..buat melawan yang namanya BOREDOM ATTACK!!!!.gagagagaaaa.

so move on..heheheeee..apa lagi yahh...gitu dehhh...oo iya...now i have this math copurse gitu tau gak sich. di daerah PIM.hehehee..sama si sari..asik juga.wuahahahhaaa..and one more thing, the costume in narnia was expected to be more elaborate than that. but i like the white witch costume, its so WITHCY..heheheee..

I WANT WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OOOOMMMMGGG!!!! MAU PINJEM DONG FIE!!!!..ntar yahh kalo udah slese...pinjemm....pasti cepet ko...ggegegegeee..

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