and thats a good improvement for me today!!!yay!i finished two homework and done my physics extra lesson in a good condition, well atleast i survived there.ghuahahhaa!!!!, well sari is sick today, so she go home early today, and yeahh go to agreni alone, and yup, I HAVE THAT SPIRIT!!OYYEAHHHOOO!!!, well yeah, kind of happy or should i say, in a good mood.whhahhahaa!!! (and shut up ASHA, you really makes my ear goes f**ked up here!!), soo anyway..next thing..

dad told me that, next monday, i will have a visa interview to NEW YORK,alhamdullilahhh, doain yahh gue bisa kesana, kalo gitu, it will be my BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVAA!!, cos rama will celebrate it in NYC!!wow, udahh ahh, kok jadi, pamer gini, maap yahh, i just cant resist the happiness in my heart.huhuh!!!DITERIMAA YAHH!!AMIENNN!!AMIENN!!!

so yaa gitu dehh, mood of the day is kind up and down, mungkin lagi nge stabilin kali yahh, yaa gituu dehh,doain aja normal lagi.another amien pleasee.hehehehe!!

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