ehhh si blog, duhh!!!what do you want??a bokep site??ngak lahh.hahahhaha!!!so its wednesday, and for specific its like 30 of January.wow, the month is almost over people, and that mean february is coming up and MOII BIRTHDAY!!YAYYY!!!, i cant wanit for that, and you know, school only in for 3 days in the first day of the FEBRUARY, and the weekends is like 4 days, so when the second week is started which is on MONDAY, which is my birhday!!asikk!!!!

well, whats happening lately, ofcourse, BLOG FILZA seharusnya memang di dukung, karena ia telah menujukkan bahwa bahasa Indonesia harus dilestarikan, kalau bukan kit yang ada didalamnya, mau siapa lagi.SEMANGATKAN BAHASA INDONESIAA!!,ok thennn nextt..

ahahaa, not may things happening though this week, o yaaa i havent told you about my new friend yahh, BIANCA, so yeah, she was a new kid on the block gitu dehh, and shes in my class.first impression:innonce,ahahhaa, ngak denggg bianca,piss dengg, ya gitu dehh, shes so nice though, but we'll see, you willl be the next victim on my list, ngakk lahh!!ahahhaa, my evil thing is kind on bussiness these dayss.

my mood is kind on up in this past days, and its good, cause i think i over my problem, hahahhaa, over it itss such a strong statement yah,sort of and for me yeahh.hahahaa, and then the general info is that, banyak orang sakit lohh deket deket ini, ngak tau kenapa, maybe its because of the weather kalii yeee, and i think thats the most resonable reason.ahahahhalks, well then, nobodys know!!

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