bahh, ke kelapa gading (oo yeahh kepala di garuk apa kelapa di parut jokes??try to say it 10x..hahahha), anyway, yeah, oomiggeeeeee, t you know, i hat mall its like my mightmaredint know whats going on in there, but every time (like i only go there 3x per year.) i feel this breeze that make my feet hard to step on that mall, ihh anehh dehh gue!!!

next!the soba!!AMPUNN!!!, i thought they served it with tempura or somethin, ehhh, it turned out that, i only eat the noodles with some vegetables i mean a little amount of vegetable, stupid jepanese restaurant, ngak niat bikinnya kali yeee!!!

and you know, the first thing that i said when i entered the mall is "ini mall baru yah?!" *TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!*, a big zero to myself when i said that to my dad, and he answer "lahh kamu gimana sich, tidur yahh daritadi, ini mall sichudah lama, adalah 5 tahun", and i process it with the thought that, im such a outdated south jakarta yang alay abis gitu ke north jakarta.hhihih, malu gue.alahh!

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