ok here's the thing.i just hate my weekend.i mean LOATH THIS SO MUCH!!!like today, you wanna know what i've been doing from 12 to now!!!is LAY ON THE BED, EAT and WATCH HEROES DVD in my room!!!soo not producutive, and everyone in the house are just CRAP TO ME!!!and like i dont know why this kind feeling is come to me, but i just that, when i didnt do anything, everything seems to be bad, hahaha, bad grammar isnt to explain how annoyed this is...

so yeah, as i just tell before, wathced the DVD of heroes is fun actually, well there are many things that happened to those HEROES should i say, like hiro stucked in 1671, or Claire that just cant resisted the tempation (alahh!!) from west, hell yeah!!!.well maybe you should watch the show by yourself.

i admitted that movies is kind of addictive, and yeah, i think its kind of poison me hehehee, now what i really want to do is that, BUY AS MUCH DVD as possible, and sit back enjoy the show!!haha, such a lazt frat!i know, but hei that fun is int!!hahaha!

o yeah, now i see something that kind of dirty, you know what, my recent addictive is that going to my own dirty little secret and others.ahhhh, someone got their bitch on!dunno why?nature calls i think!ahhh, make it double, duh!

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