GOOD MORNING!YUP!!!LET STARTED YOU MORNING WITH A GOOD START!YAY!.well, i started my own, woke up at 8am, and then eat breakfast with mom, and then WALK MY DOG!!WOW!!, and here's the thing, if im really and under boredom and got nothing to do, i will do something that i usually dont do, well i know its kind of bad idea, HEY!!but its like this, I know this also happened to you guys right?ahh!be real to yourself yahh...hehehhee :)

so anyway, first weekend on THE FULL ACTIVE EXHAUSTED SCHOOL WEEK, so thats mean back to the usual ritual, which something that I hated, yeah rite!duhh!meaning that i have to go to mall, have the usual lunch, the usual weekly grocery!ahhhh!!, soo noot me, i WANT SHOPPING!!!SHOPPING!, well actually i want to buy some books, but ohh dearr ohh dear, the collection of books in here, especeailly in KINOKUNIYA IS SO BAD, well not actually but they have a small limited edition of books but having a high price which something that is not worth IT!ahhh!!!, what kind of business they are trying to run huh?!!!thieving everybody money, ahh thats the point of having business?!!!sorry!!

as i said yesterday, i want to watch the DVD i bought from yesterday trip, but i think that MOM WANT TO GO TO GRANNY HOUSE, OMMIGEE, told you its going back to the normal ritual.ommige, bored bored bored,i think im gonna stay home and finish up my HW: agama makalah and some practice on PHYSICS, yups, thats my resolution, im gonna work my ass for something that is braching to the LOGICAL or NUMBER thingy, and I WILL GET ATLEAST B in THAT REPORT!!OO YEAHH!!,wow semangat 45 abiss!!hahahah!

guys, if you reading this entry i need some good book LIST, i mean GOOD ONE, i like something romantic, not too girlish, also BOYISH inside, so bascialy the main character is guy, or even a girl, she have to do some action or adventure, and it could be something fantasy or usual life, im fine.thanks guys!!!please... :)

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