fine then i blog this post, so mom and dad, now stuck in they;re room for about 1/2 a hour, and said to me that we going to eating out somewhere, at the mall.shoot!and you know what, they still not showing any life action that is show that they are alive, ya gimana coba udah ganti baju segala macem, ngak keluar-keluar lagi, ihh anehh dehhh!!!

ok, hari ini, capeee abiss!!!you know rite, today i have to do the aptitude test, and i have to stay in SATURDAY @ SCHOOL from 07:30 to 14:00, ommmigee, itu sich parah namanya, and the test sichh, menurut gue ngak susah banget, but it just came in different size and type you know, and that's what makes it tired, bikin ngantuk and males buat ngeliat kertasnya. yaa bacis type of test, counting, interpreting drawing and make one, trus yaa more type gitu lahh, yang gue ngak nerti, tapi basically sich yang itu,hehehhee.so whats interesting is that, ada satu test where in a3 paper size itu, ada hundreds of number of there, and kita disuruh buat ngitung gitu, and SUMPAH DEMI, the number like going to eat me alive.hahahaha, ngak lahhh, trus its like the whole dimentios gitu dehh.huihihih, tambah anehh yahh.hahah!!

fine then, someone owe me an explanation.and that's for sure, i dunno what kind is that, but I'm gonna find out, soon or later, and that's my will, before my birthday.thanks you and I'm off!

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