you know, now I'm in Alex Evans deviant art,hahaha, i dont know why, maybe the friends influence in photography make me think to be good at it.,well, i dont know, its just quite fun you know, creating a edgy photo, or do some photo shop thingy,aihhh, its soo fun lohh!hahahaa, kapan coba gue bisa gituan,tapi gini lohh, when i get the camera or whatsoever, trus gue males gitu, ahh that's the bad habit i have,ihh anehh dehh.

yay!!!my Bahasa presentation is finish, and now what i need to do is make the analysis of the puisi from the Creator, and then make a script for my group presentation, so mereka ngak gagap ntar,ihh malu gue kalo ampe kayak gitu, ya iyalah, sorii yahh bukannya gue sombong or whatsoever gitu yahh, but i made all of this is 3 days, and i work my ass for it, so if you guys try to screw up this thing, awas aja!!!, emangnya ngak cape apa, spent my weekend di depan komputer and miss all the fun out here, najis banget dehh!!!

well, i think i understand somethin, that its so not important thing to scoop out other people things, especially friends, its too evil to do, and im sory for being such a jerk okay.for someone out there.I'm sorry, it will not happen again, and i don't want just because this problem, the friendship that e already been through is gone.sorry.

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