omiggee, and im still stuck in my study room to make all my HW.okay, i know its my fault anyway, cause im just so lazy to do all of this, but still why cant the HW is finsihed by itself?lohh, bisa yah puplenya kerja sendiri.hehehee, too imaginatove.

hahaha, you know, i think i have a new addiction, which is coffee, and i dont know yahh, its soo good!!and refreshing ofcourse,, ohhh i lovee coffee, and yesterday, i tried to bought one medium size coffee caramel in Coffee Bean @ Senci, and the effect was brilliant, its like my brain pumped up until 3x more than the usual.wow!!!i never knew, that it can do that to my brain.hahahahaa, chape dehh.but, still, i can stay like untul 1 AM i think last night.hahahaa, watched gossip girl, and finished untul F, weww!!VICTORY WAS MINE THEN!!

o yaa, now im flat broke, and i cant like take money from my ATM, ntar abiss, aduhh nasib gue yang duitnya abisss melulu, aduhh kalo ada financial advisor, gabung dehh ama gue, pasti seru deh,hahahha u wish, mau bayar dia dari mana coba.hahahhaa!!!

ok then, gotta go for HW again!ahhhh!!!

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