hari gue tuh kayaknya biasa banget, well what do you want, crahing evey party yang ada di jakarta gitu.soo not, siapa coba yang kenal ama gue.yaa ngak ada.well, im kind of tired use english today, soo kalo indonya agak banyak, yaa gitu lah, immm so not in the mood of nice or whatsoever gitu lah

current mood:pissed off and want to have revenge.dunno why?nice

ahahaiii, itulah gue beberapa miggu ini, anehhh, sendirian, and everybody asking me, why you're not with this or that, kok sendirian aja sekarang?, kenapa ngak ngumpul?, mana yang laen?and other those kind of question.well honestly, kind of pissed of by that, i mean, of they know whats going on, then they know, or i dont know, maybe not many people will listen or whatsoeverm but seriously im soo pissed of by what thing that happened lately.but thanks for the one who asking me those kind of question, atleast i can say somethin from my mouth.duh!

so yeah, again, thats me, you think im a loner?or a freak?backstabber?yang mukanya ngak males banget buat diliat?aneh?gayish?banci lah?males lahh gue ngeliat muka elo?terserah, im sich of people who think me like this!!!if you want hate me, find hate me more, cause i hate with those games, it dirty i know, cause you know, i can be more dirty.all the reason that i just listed is kind of out of mind, and yeah i appreciate what they think about me, but is there anything that come in my life that is better?!emang gue ngak bisa ngelakuin hal yang harusnya dilakuin ama semua anak-anak (khusunya cowok), or having the same interest yang harusnya mereka punya, play instrument like guitarm saying bad words, skipping class, males-malesan gara-gara peer, well im not that kind of people, and i dont know that is happened to me.gods will?i think, but thats it, and for info, im raise in different other might be think.so please!!hate with that kind of thought.

well, with all of thing happened, doesnt mean that, i dont have friend to talk, well i have, but i just dont want to make feel bahwa gue spoiled atau apa, as long gue bisa handel, gue handel, and gue berusaha untuk strong pada diri gue sendiri, karena satu hal ngak bakal bikin cowok itu harusnya down, itu banci, and im not being like that, whether my attitude show that, is the way im interpret myself.so terserah elo mau bilang apa sama gue.

agak aneh emang buat curhat ngak jelas, trus marahin semua orang yang ngak ada hubungannya ama gue, but heres the thing, what if you are so stuck with urself, and friends can be the third alternative, where the first and second postion itu buat diiri elo sendiri, and ending up writing a blog, yang kayaknya geeky and nerd abis, well gimana coba.its..ahh i dont know..

im try to nice, kind, ngak banyak tingkah, connect if someone talking to me, telen sema omongan jelek yang mereka bilang ke gue, atau apalah itu bentuknya, mau dikataiin, omongan dari belakang, and whatsoever itu, gue ambil semua sebagain journey of life, but see, if i cry into bleeding for the second time and with the same reason itu ngak lucu, cause im doing this because i just dont want to feel into the same spot that i done.i feel stupid actually.tapi gimana coba!I CANT DO IT!agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!HELP ME!!!

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