baru aja di rumah 1 menit yah lalu,and honestly i had no idea what the teacher said at agreni, well its all about acceleration, which is something yang i never learned, belom sich, soo i not get the big picture what is all about, and then, the teacher itself itu, aduhhh, ngomongnya pelan, lemes, kaya ngak ada tenaga gitu, si me and sarie was like showing and busy reading magazine when he was explaining, heran dehh, kenapa yahh men teacher is more not galak like the girl one?nooo idea.

aiahayaahahha, for sure, hari ini sedikit baik just like yesterday, the things is still going on, but after i think again, why should i think about it, maybe there are poeple that cant be my buddies opr somethin, will see lahh, so relax and take it ok, not easy!, sorry no offence mika,.hehehhehehe

gino birthday is tomorrow, and yeah, happy birthday okay, sori i cant get you anything, but i try, and try to save up some money for you.tapi nanti aja yahh, kalo udah agak lama gitu.soo have fun with the thing yahhh besok,hahah!have fun!and happy belated birthday!

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