xoxo, gossip girl.ahahhahaa, i ended up the season in episode 11:the Holdiday, which is, christmas on New York, wowww...but the thing is, big city like it have a snow, wowww, so anyway, serena and dan are just getting closer and closer and closer (pokoknya berkelanjutan), and you know what, they even go to ball together, while her grandma said to dan that, he cant go to the ball, just because his socail status, hey watch your mouth old lady!

so anyway, Rober Wardolf (i think), married a Ramon aka his gay lover, yeahh gitu lahh men over 30 gitu, which is soo not cute gitu lah, and another thing is Blair mom, throwing a Christmas party by hiring girls from Victoria Secret, parahh, keren abis, yeahh rite, cause she just having a contract to design a retro laungerie for the brand.yahh lumayan bagi yang mau cuci mata.hehehhee.

nothing to say much..and 1 1/2 hours to gino birthday.,hahahhaha!

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