heelo beelo yelloo!!!, hah, finnaly the smell of friday,freedom and bangun siang.hahhhaahaha, anyway, thank god i have time to sit down and do the entry.wew, it just everytime i want to do this, there are thing that bother me, if its not HW or chat, or phone, and whatsoever thing, so should i say external forces (that's the new word i learn for this week).hihihih!!!

this week overall report, EXHAUSTED!!, HOLIDAY MOOD STILL ON-ING, the STUDY METER still UP AND DOWN, haihhhh,yeah as you know and i know, its our or my full week of school day, sorry, THE FIRST FULL ACTIVE ANNOYED SCHOOL WEEK, so i think its okay to be kind of little lazy, which somethin i have to loosen up starting next week!! :). that's the thing that i try no to do it next week, hey i want a resolution too you know, and i want to make it as part of my journey of life, yuks and iuhhh!!!.ngak lahhh, make it a weekly resolution!!!.hahaha!!!

good thing that i can share is that, RAMA IS READING AN INTERNATIONAL NEWS IN the MORNING ASSEMBLY, so the story goes like this:
(rama, tukkktukkk ke lantai 7 mau bayar uang aptitude test)
(yahhh ngak ada, masih tutup, DAMN IT)
"ehh ada ferina, mau kemana?"
"MS.MARIZA, morning assembly thing..."
"ooohh, ikut donggg.."
"ya udahh.."
(di ruangan ms.mariza, ada isa, aldi and both of us ofcourse"
10 menit kemudian!!!
"I cant miss, kan I'm not a SRC again.."
"HEY YOU"RE an ex-SRC, so why dont you just give it a try"

and you know whats going on, like or not, happy or sad (why its seems like a marriage oat!) i have to do it, in front of lets sat 200 kids i think.ahahhahaha, soo BIG, and such A BIG thing to make me died on stage.hahahha!!!.anyway, yaaa gitu lahh..

thanks to ericka and fajar, to took me to ITC today,hahhaa, you know what guys, that's the first time ever for me to buy DVD for my self, i mean i never can and do it, hahahhaaa.so i bought like the second season of HEROES, and first season of GOSSIP GIRL, i don't know, filza said its good, so why don't we just give it a try then??!why not!!hahahah!.so total is 11 DVD at one day, but ericka said and PROMISED she will returned to me next week!!I WILL KEEP THAT PROMISED!!!

so DVD, MORNING ASSEMBLY, o yeahhh, it pops in my mind, physics, that another thing to talk about!!!!and heroes star, pacarnya claire, aduhh gue ngak tau namanya!!ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!, trus yang ada di GOSSIP GIRL, YA OLOHH itu CEWEK APA CEWEKK!!!THEY BUILT FOR BEAUTY!!AMPONNN!!!GILA DEHH NGILEERRR NGILERR DAHH GUEE!!!!ckckckkckckkckc!!!ngak abis pikir.. :) hihihih!!

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